Temporary Company Store Policies

An Important Update:

At Pioneer Apparel INC., we feel uncertain times should not call for drastic measures. More than anything, we believe this is a time for stability, a time for normalcy. 
Yes, we are following guidelines from the CDC in the operations of our day-to-day business.  However, we also have an obligation to you, our trusted, and loyal business customers.

We also have an obligation to our employees, and we ask that you will be mindful and follow our updated schedule and store policies during this time.

Starting March 18th, we ask customers to abide by our new showroom hours. Our showroom will be open to customers, Sunday-Friday 10AM-5PM EST. We ask that you restrict the number of guests you bring into the showroom, especially young children and those with preexisting health conditions. Our showroom sees hundreds of people a week and we want to ensure the health and safety of your friends and family.

We also ask that you submit any orders that need to be shipped out by 2PM EST. As the situation evolves, we want to ensure you receive your merchandise in a timely fashion, so that you may continue business as usual.

Thank you for considering our needs during this challenging time. We are grateful to have you as a customer and hope that you are safe, healthy, and happy.



Pioneer Apparel INC.