Updated Showroom Guidelines and Protocols


Showroom Guidelines

For safety reasons we are enforcing new protocols:

  • Only 1 customer/buyer can be in our showroom per business/company and no additional guest are allowed.
  • New customer accounts must be verified and activated online first before entering our showroom.
  • We cannot verify new walk-in customers.


For Our Health

  • The city ordinance of Doraville requires that you wear a mask. Please wear a mask when you are in our showroom.
  • To best accommodate you we have plenty of hand sanitizer for you to use. Please use as needed when shopping in our showroom.
  • Please do not come if you have a fever or suspect that you may be ill.


Our Showroom Selection

There is still more selection on our website than in our showroom!

New releases will continue to be on the website first, then gradually moved to the showroom.


We Need Your Patience

Please be patient with us.

We are re-organizing the showroom to serve you better, but it's still in progress.

Thank you,

Pioneer Apparel